How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner? – Simple Step By Step Process

Do you know how to clean a vacuum cleaner? If you don’t know, let us tell you everything about it. The very first thing that is worth knowing that without cleaning, you would not get 100% from any appliance.

How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

You have to clean it to get the most out of it. When it comes to a vacuum cleaner, cleaning is the essential thing; otherwise, you won’t get much effectiveness.

Before going through the vacuum cleaning process, make sure you have to keep these considerations in your mind.

  • Clean your vacuum cleaner in open areas since dusty, so make sure don’t open it inside your home.
  • Make sure about the vacuum cleaner. It should be unplugged.
  • Keep noted all the instructions written in the manual. You can also check the instructions online.

After that, you have to follow these steps. We hope you will get cleaning more quickly and efficiently. 

Step by Step Procedure to clean Vacuum Cleaner

  • Clean Vacuum Filter

When it comes to how to clean a vacuum cleaner, you first need to clean its filters. We have known that each vacuum cleaner has one or more filters. You have to cl0ean them thoroughly. If you don’t know where they are located, then check the instruction manual. You will find there where your vacuum has them.

A filter is designed to trap all the dust, debris, particles, pollens, and other nasty elements. This makes the cleaning process important or messy.

But some filters are washable or not. If you don’t have a washable filter, then it can be a replacement filter.

In regard to the washable filter, you have to remove it from the vacuum cleaner and shake it. Please take off the dust into the dust bin and rinse it for several minutes in water. You can use cool or slightly warm water.

Once you have washed it, dry it and place it back from where you unattached.

  • Clean Vacuum Canister

This step is not for those who have a vacuum with a bag. However, you should keep in mind that if the bag gets full, then you should change it as soon as possible.

For those users who have a canister, it is suggested that they pull it out over the dustbin. Next up, you have to read the instruction from the manual and detach the canister from the large vacuuming component.

Then you have to get warm water and put the canister in it. Use liquid soap and scrub it with the brush and clean it. After that, you have to rinse it with water and let it lay flat for up to 24 hours to dry. Make sure, don’t use a damp bag. That said, the bag should not have moisture inside.

Now you have done the canister. It is time to clean the inside part of the vacuum. For this purpose, take a rough toothbrush and clean it in a downward stroke. Clean all the debris and wipe it down with a dry microfiber cloth. However, if there is something that can’t be handled with a toothbrush, then you should use compressed air.

  • Clean Vacuum Beater Bar

In the third step, you have to clean the powerhead. It would be difficult for you because you will see lots of debris and hair. This mess makes it hard for its bristles to caught things up from the carpet. If there is not a beater bar, then there will be a roller. If so, then you should follow this same step for that too.

You have to take small scissors and trim around the hair or debris. You should be careful not to cut the bristles. After that, you have to pull out all hair and debris from bristles and clean it with a toothbrush.

  • Clean Vacuum Attachments

This is the last step for how to clean a vacuum cleaner. It is the last step of cleaning a vacuum and probably the easiest one. For this step, you have to take a bucket and fill it will warm water and drop a little dish soap. After that, mix it well and put the attachments in it for 2 hours. Then you have popped up all attachments and rinse them. After that, let them dry for 24 hours. That’s all.

Hence, you can clean your vacuum cleaner by following the above simple steps. You should make sure to clean it thoroughly once a week. It makes the effectiveness better and reduces the time of vacuuming.


What I Need For Cleaning A Vacuum Cleaner?

These things are required to clean your vacuum cleaner. It includes warm water, dish soap, compressed air, microfiber cloth, garbage bag, toothbrush, and scissors. For your hand’s protection, you can wear rubber gloves too.

Is It Important To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an appliance used for debris, dust, and other material on any floor type, even on carpets, around window sills, and more. So, if you want to get most of its efficiency, you have to maintain it properly. That’s why cleaning a vacuum cleaner is the most important. Otherwise, it can be hard for you to get its long service.

Can I Clean My Vacuum Cleaner With Water?

Yes, you can clean your vacuum cleaner with water. After or before cleaning, you can rinse it underwater and make sure all the debris goes out.

The Bottom Line

All in all, we have discussed how to clean a vacuum cleaner here. Keep a vacuum cleaner unclean can badly affect its performance. So it should be clean every 3-4 times a month. It is because replacement can be costly, and if you want to get an easy cleaning process without putting much effort, then scroll above and follow the simple steps. Besides that, if you have any question, let us know that we are always here to help you.

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